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Scaffolding Pipes

The use of reliable scaffolding pipes and scaffolding frames is a key part of ensuring that a worksite is safe and professional to be around. It is also the best bet for getting the best output from your workers. This is why Nanotech supplies high quality scaffolding pipes to contractors in Kenya.

Nanotech’s scaffolding pipes and scaffolding frames are used in the construction of scaffolds and are able to deliver good quality results in any construction job. The scaffolding pipes make stable and reliable scaffold and can be used in low stress formwork.

Based on the quality of materials used to produces the scaffolding pipes, they will last through the life of any construction project. What’s more? They will offer reliable services over a long period and can be used across multiple projects. The scaffolding pipes are corrosion resistant, hence will not degrade when exposed to heat and moisture – elements common in all construction sites. Our pipes also have unmatched dimensional accuracy, meaning that they will give you very stable scaffolds necessary to deliver high quality construction projects.

To order our scaffolding pipes and scaffolding frames, get in touch with our sales team on the contacts listed in our contact us page. If you need to find out more about our Scaffolding Pipes and scaffolding frames, ask to speak to our technical team using any of our contacts.

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