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H- Frames & Ladders

The ease with which your construction team can access different parts of a construction that has no scaffolding, such as during renovations or inspections, tells your client a lot about how well equipped you are and how professional your team is around a construction site. This is why we avail H-Frames & Ladders for our customers.

Our H-Frames and Ladders are easy to assemble and can reach high roofs and ceilings comfortably. We have committed much time to their design and manufacture to ensure they offer you the best performance. We use lightweight but strong materials for ease of assembly and relocation. The H-Frames & Ladders are connected with bracing made from angle pipes to achieve the correct characteristics for their performance.

We promise that our H-Frames and Ladders will serve you well for a long time. Our promise is backed by our depth of experience in the construction sector, and our investment in making the best construction support infrastructure available in Kenya.

To order our H-Frames and Ladders, get in touch with our sales team on the contacts listed in our contact us page. If you need to find out more about our H-Frames and Ladders, ask to speak to our technical team using any of our contacts.

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