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Formwork & Shuttering Systems

The achievement of complicated forms in any architectural project is the hallmark of a professional contractor. This is why Nanotech spends much time making the work of contractors easy by creating formwork and shuttering system that can fit any type of construction challenge

Our formwork and shuttering system are developed to provide high accuracy during the creation of construction forms, to aid contractors to achieve any desired shape. Whether you are dealing with curved surfaces or plain ones, we have just the right kind of forms. What’s more, we can also develop custom forms and shuttering system if you need non-standard forms for elegant construction projects.

We provide  the following types of formwork and shuttering system

  1. Floor forms
  2. Wall Forms
  3. Circular  wall formwork system
  4. Column Formwork system
  5. Formwork steel plates

Nanotech formwork and shuttering system are developed using the state of the art designs and production techniques to achieve three things, the correct texture, correct strength, and durability. This means that our formwork and shuttering system will give you superior performance both to your immediate needs and for a long time to come.

We also develop formwork and shuttering system from various kinds of materials, some heavy, some medium, and some light, in order to fit into your construction needs.

To order our formwork and shuttering system, get in touch with our sales team on the contacts listed in our contact us page. If you need to find out more about our formwork and shuttering system, ask to speak to our technical team using any of our contacts.



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