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Adjustable Jacks

Adjustable Jacks solve two problems for a contractor in one go. First, these jacks make it possible to adjust your scaffold or formwork to any height required, and secondly, they provide support, just as any other jack, eliminating the need for base props such as wooden planks and blocks.

The adjustable jacks manufactured and marketed by Nanotech Ltd are made from hollow steel tubes and steel round bars, to provide the best combination of weight minimization and compression strength. Our adjustable jacks are made using hydraulic roll threading machine, thereby delivering jacks that operate smoothly even when fully loaded. The Jacks are used at the top and bottom of the scaffold. The bottom section features a base jack designed to hold the entire applied load, and provides firm traction for stability and safety during operation. The top section has a stirrup head (U-Head), which holds steel beams or wooden battens as desired. They are fasten-able to ensure your scaffold is stable, but they also allow for easy adjustments, which save time when changing jack positions

Our adjustable jacks are designed for extended service, hence will save you money. They are also designed with safety in mind to ensure that your project does not stall because of accidents. The height adjustment capabilities make them ideal for work on all height-dependent sites, and are particularly helpful when installing curved or graduates ceilings.

To order our adjustable jacks, get in touch with our sales team on the contacts listed in our contact us page. If you need to find out more about our adjustable jacks, ask to speak to our technical team on any of our contacts



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